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If you are current a college student you probably don't qualify for credit cards with high credit lines. However, there are student credit cards that are specifically just for you.

Owning a credit card is the first step toward building an excellent credit rating. Besides, you don't have to carry too much cash around when buying big items like big screen TV. There are many benefits associated with a student credit card even though you might not have enough income to cover the some of the expenses such as books, computers, room and board.

Start using your student credit card for every purchase possible. How matter how small the purchase is, as long as is chargeable. Use your new credit card to pay for it. It's just convenient without having to keep all the changes and count the pennies. The less you spend the easier is to pay off the full balance at the end of the month. Keep in mind that if you decide to only pay the minimum balance you will be charged a financial fee. The interest rate on student credit cards not as high as other cards. However, you should exercise common sense - paying a 20% interest on a $1000 laptop is basically buying it for $1200, except that you are delaying the payments.

Some student credit cards actually reward you for using them. You can either get cash back reward when shopping at grocery stores or get gas rebate at the pumps. One card that offers exceptional rewards for students is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students - it gives students 5% cash back on eligible purchases at supermarkets, drugstores, gas stations, convenience stores & utilities (including cable) for 6 months. What happen after 6 months? No worry, you will still be able to earn 1% for everything you are buying. To earn bonus cash fast you might want to consider Discover Student Card - it's another student credit card with no annual fee plus you get low apr (0% on purchases for 6 months). After you make the first purchase you will get $25 cashback bonus. What's even more attempting is that you can get up to 20% cashback bonus at popular retailers when you shop online through Just to give you a current promotion - buy at you will get 10% cashback within 8 weeks; will give you 15% back.

These are just a few of student credit cards available today. Some cards may require an adult co-signer in order to get approval.

Discover® Card for Students
  • Up to 2% in cash rebates at participating retailers
  • Various Internet account related services
  • No liability for unauthorized transactions
  • Fraud and security protection services.
Rating Intro APR Intro Period Annual Fee APR Grace Period
N/A 0 17.99% 25 Days

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